WoRD Fresh Meat – Meet and Greets!

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Worcester Roller Derby is starting a new Fresh Meat class on May 4th and we’re having two Meet and Greets before then so you can get all the info you need to JOIN US!! And to get you pumped until then, here are my observations as a wee fresh meat myself.


Starting roller derby is BIG, super intimidating, and all kinds of scary. But once you get into it it’s great and everyone in your life that doesn’t skate will be so impressed, interested, and excited for you. In reality roller derby is BIG but in a good way, completely not intimidating but rather challenging, and I promise it’s really not scary once you skate that first lap around the track you’ll feel like king of the mountain!


Things you’ll need (aside from your gear):

–       Lots of commitment. I literally have no free time anymore and luckily I like being busy but if you’re already busy you really have to take into consideration how the time commitment is going fit into your life. (Ok that wasn’t a very fun first bullet point…but its true!)

–       Determination. Because every practice is HARD. (Fun and rewarding and all that stuff too) but really damn hard. When I strapped my skates on for the first time I was terrified to actually stand up and roll. I swear my whole body was shaking with nerves. But you have to work through it and there will be new challenges each week.

Things you’ll get out of it:

–       A community. This one is my favorite because as an adult I’ve been searching for a community of people who support each other, work hard together, and have fun together. I have found that and so much more at Worcester Roller Derby. The welcoming and positive attitude from everyone has been overwhelming. In the few short months that I’ve been skating with these guys I’ve met some life long friends.

–       A great butt. Seriously no lie. My butt has never looked so good and that is probably my second favorite thing I’ve gotten out of skating.

–       Confidence (on and off skates). Well for one thing when I started skating I was a nervous wreck and probably the opposite of confident. Now I can feel strength in my stride and even though I’ve got so far to go, I can see that I’ve come a really long way too. The fact that I’ve keep coming back every week and have challenged myself to continually improve gives me a lot of self-confidence in all aspects of my life. If I can do roller derby, I can do anything.

Things you won’t find:

–       Pressure to do anything you’re not comfortable with. You will never be thrown into a situation that you’re not skilled enough to handle. Also you will never be shamed for not being comfortable with something. Balancing on one foot while skating is really hard for me and that makes things like crossovers almost impossible for me still. But I’ve been working on improving my balance (on and off skates) And I’ve never been pressured into attempting a crossover when I’m not ready. Someday (soon) I will get there, but I’m not there today and that’s ok.

–       Bullies. Everyone is so supportive and the opposite of bullies. We all see each others struggles and wins week in and week out and we’re there for each other to celebrate when you accomplish goals or even just point out that you got t-stops down really well. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in what we have to improve on that we don’t realize how successful we already are. It’s really nice to be surrounded by people who notice that.


I have never even for a split second had any regrets about joining WoRD. It’s been an overwhelmingly positive experience and I hope you join and find that too! Come check us out we’re having meet and greets on Tuesday April, 19th and Wednesday April, 27th. See you there!

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