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Player of the Week: DomiNAT!

This week’s Player of the Week? Everybody’s favorite force of nature: Natalie!   1. Derby name? DomiNat 2. Favorite position? Jammer 3. What’s derby taught you? Roller derby players are the greatest people on earth. These weirdos make my life complete. Also, I’m finally learning the importance of actually paying attention to what I’m doing: […]

Player of the Week: T-Flex!

This week’s player of the week is veteran skater, Liz! Side note: Liz has been instrumental in rebuilding our league this past season and we couldn’t be more grateful to her. You’re the best, Flex! Derby name? T-Flex Favorite position? Offensive blocker What’s derby taught you? I’ve learned a lot about being receptive to criticism, but sticking by my opinion.  For […]

Roller Derby? Yes Please!

I just finished reading Amy Poehler’s book “Yes Please,” and I highly recommend it to any and all, but especially those of you who are thinking maybe you want to play derby but are concerned you’re too big, too small, too uncoordinated, too inexperienced, etc, etc, etc. Amy says you should do it anyway. Okay, […]