Player of the Week: T-Flex!

This week’s player of the week is veteran skater, Liz! Side note: Liz has been instrumental in rebuilding our league this past season and we couldn’t be more grateful to her. You’re the best, Flex!16422622_10208166662784138_9217673060282555670_o

Derby name? T-Flex
Favorite position? Offensive blocker
What’s derby taught you? I’ve learned a lot about being receptive to criticism, but sticking by my opinion.  For most of my life I’ve gone into things by researching as much as possible, finding the “best” opinion, and doing everything they said whether they liked it or not.  But derby is such a young sport, with so few “experts”.  It’s all about giving stuff a really seriously good chance, even when it’s not working out for you, and then sticking with what does, because you never know where the best tips are going to come from.  This game has changed so much in just the 3 years I’ve been playing it, and that’s super exciting to watch.
What do you do when you’re not at derby? I’m a software developer at Geisel Software, but I also compete in powerlifting.  I’ve won the WABDL world championship for the bench press once in the 165lb open class and once in the 181lb open class.  And then, just, an obscene amount of video games.
What advice would you give to people considering giving derby a try? Give it a try!  And commit yourself to giving it a real try.  There’s so many skills involved in roller derby.  You’ve gotta be able to roller skate, and you’ve gotta be able to take a hit on roller skates and not fall down, and you’ve gotta be able to skate real fast, and maneuver real fast, and hit people real hard, and figure out the strategy and how to communicate that strategy to everybody on the track.  And we will patiently coach you through every single one of those things if you are patient with us, but no one is good at all of those things.  I’ve never met somebody who wasn’t really good at at least one of those things, but you’ll never find out if you’re great at shot calling and strategy if you drop out while you’re still learning to skate.  Everybody struggles with different things, and sometimes you feel like you’re “so far behind” if the thing you struggle with is the first thing you have to learn.  But you’re not!
Take Flex’s words of wisdom to heart and drop us a line about joining our league! We’d love to have you! 😀

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