Player of the Week: Megzatron

This week’s Player of the Week is long-time WoRD badass Megz!


1. Derby name? Megzatron

2. Favorite position? Lying down. Mmmm sleeeeep. Oh wait, in derby? Probably jamming, but blocking is really great too!

3. What’s derby taught you? I get knocked down, but I get up again.  You are never gonna keep me down! 

4. What do you do when you’re not at derby? 
Fill everyone’s Instagram feed with pictures of my dog, Gizmo.  (Seriously, you can check them out @megzatron, she’s wicked derpy and cute.) [EDITOR’S NOTE: It’s true, she is.]  I also spend a lot of time making up songs or purposely singing the wrong lyrics (think Linda Belcher) and bugging T-Flex with ridiculous questions & hypothetical situations while she attempts to play video games in solitude.  Like, what is “not at derby”?  I’m pretty certain I am in a constant state of derby. 

5. What advice would you give to people considering giving derby a try? If someone like me with pretty bad anxiety can do it, so can you! The scariest part is deciding you’re going to try it. Once you show up, we help you with the rest! 🙂

Megz is right, showing up is half the battle!! See for yourself at our next Fresh Meat Meet-and-Greet! (Details on our Facebook page!)


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