Player of the Week: Lo Mean!

This week’s Player of the Week is the fabulous and fierce Nicole, author of last week’s blog!

Lo Mean!Derby name? Lo Mean

Favorite position? Both feet on the floor! Right now, I’m a blocker; however, if I build up enough confidence, I’d love to be a jammer.  One day…

What’s derby taught you? It’s okay to be quirky and laugh at yourself A LOT.  It’s not about being better than anyone else, it all comes down to where you’re at and challenging yourself.  

What do you do when you’re not at derby? I’m a student and a teacher.  I really like to take naps with my dog, listen to emo music with my friends, and read books.  I feel like I spend the most time at work and derby though because when I’m sitting at home on weeknights, my husband goes “why aren’t you at practice?”

What advice would you give to people considering giving derby a try? Do it!  I think we’re all really quirky, friendly people.  You’ll make alot of friends and it’ll take over your life…but I mean really, what else would you rather be doing?  In the words of my friend/teammate Kat, (Editor’s Note: that’s me!) “I just want to play derby!”


If YOU “just want to play derby,” join us at our next Fresh Meat Meet & Greet, March 22nd and 26th! We hope to see you there!


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