Player of the Week: DomiNAT!

This week’s Player of the Week? Everybody’s favorite force of nature: Natalie!


dominat1. Derby name? DomiNat

2. Favorite position? Jammer

3. What’s derby taught you? Roller derby players are the greatest people on earth. These weirdos make my life complete. Also, I’m finally learning the importance of actually paying attention to what I’m doing: a shoulder separation is a better motivation to concentrate than Ritalin.

4. What do you do when you’re not at derby? I’m a never-at-home-mom of two amazing daughters (a little ballerina and a piano-playing Jr derby girl.) I enjoy painting and drawing with my girls, and I’m a crocheting machine with my own little side hustle specializing in derby accessories, etc. (Editor’s Note: Find her business here!) I also lift weights.

5. What advice would you give to people considering giving derby a try? If you are a thrill seeker who finds the unusual wonderful, come join our gang and have more fun than you probably thought possible. It’s the healthiest way I’ve found to take a break from being an adult.



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