New Years Resolutions

I love winter. Winter has all the best holidays, the ones where family and friends gather together over delicious food and bubbly drinks and gifts wrapped in pretty paper. Thanksgiving leads to Christmas leads to New Years. It’s the trifecta.

I think it’s fitting that this season ends with New Years, the time where people make resolutions for a better year. Thanksgiving and Christmas are like warm-ups. You start to get in the holiday spirit, you’re making appetizers for thirty and feeling overwhelmed, you’re deciding how much of your aggressively-political-self needs to be shuttered for the family dinners, you’re realizing your in-laws are literally impossible to buy gifts for — it’s a magical time.

Thanksgiving comes and you make it through (“Yes, Aunt Greta, I am still single. No, I don’t think ‘my time is running out.’”). Christmas comes and you make it through, (“I do like cats, Cousin Shelby, I’ve just never seen a sweater made of real cat hair before…”) New Year’s Eve comes and you make it through. (“I’m gonna kiss that rando at midnight because FRIENDS taught me it’s important to kiss somebody! No, I haven’t had enough to drink, thank you mery vuch!) And then it’s the big day! January 1st! The day where you wake up at 10:00, bleary-eyed and dehydrated, look back over the dumpster fire that was the last few months and think “I’m gonna make some changes.”

This year I’m focusing on living joyfully. I want to focus on the big picture. That life is short, that my son will only be a toddler for a short while, that happiness can be found even in the darkest times if one only remembers to turn on the light. (Thanks, Dumbledore.)

So, tell me, what are your resolutions this year? If I may be so bold, might I suggest that you pencil “join roller derby” on your list and join our Fresh Meat Boot Camp this Wednesday at 8 PM? No experience necessary, only determination! <3


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