It’s Okay to be Confident

I like to think I’m a funny person. I’m not sure if I actually am, but I always find myself laughing at my own jokes, and I’m sure that means something. The trouble is (besides the fact that I’m often the ONLY one laughing at my jokes) is that my humor is usually of the self-deprecating variety. You know, “I’m on that new seafood diet, if I see food, I eat it!” Chuckle, chuckle. Hardy har har.

There’s nothing wrong with a good self put-down. It makes people feel comfortable, it gives me a giggle, it’s win-win! The only problem is this: sometimes those little jabs become so second-nature that when it comes time to strut your stuff, you don’t know how.

We split into groups the other day based on speed. “Faster skaters over here, slower over here,” we were told.

My instinct was to skate to the slow group. “Maybe someday I’ll be as fast as Hitz,” I would say. But then that little Ellen Page voice inside of me (from way back in fresh meat orientation) said, “Hey, Kat…you are fast!”


Why shouldn’t I be fast? I thought. It’s okay to be good at things. Being good at things, and knowing you’re good at it isn’t a bad thing. Confidence isn’t a crime. So I raised my hand over my head and said “I’m fast y’all! Who else is fast?!”

And that’s how I learned that sometimes you just gotta announce your skills to the class. If you can hit, don’t pretend you can’t.


If you can block, block you heart out.


If you can dance like a mother, any time any place, do that too.


Be brave, be confident, be awesomesauce. <3


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