Happy Galentine’s Day!

Here it is, my favorite holiday of the year: Galentine’s Day!

For those of you unfamiliar, Galentine’s Day was originally created by the TV show Parks and Recreation but has since transcended the small screen and is now a bona fide holiday all of its own. The tagline of this perfect holiday? Ladies celebrating ladies. So, in that vein, this post will be me celebrating the ladies of Worcester Roller Derby. Get psyched.

Recently, I was showing my son photos of our latest bouts to make sure he knows how cool his mom is (ie: VERY). As we flipped through the photos, I tried to keep his interest by reminding him of things he’d done with people in the league. He’s three and doesn’t really pull his weight in relationships, so I was prepared to struggle, but for every teammate I was able to describe a memory he’d shared with them:

Here’s Skinher and her daughter, they came over for a play date and she had that cool dump truck she let you play with.


Here’s Quack, we pet sat her dog, Amber, and you fell in love.


Here’s Lo Mean, she gave your her tournament water bottle when you broke yours and refused to drink water out of anything else.

lo mean

Here’s Millie and Jenny. You rode the Bobcat at Millie’s harvest party and Jenny’s twins gave you those cool trucks for your birthday.

millie jenny

Here’s Flex, you jumped in the fountain at her wedding.


Here’s Jen, we played Frisbee with her daughter and she gave you your trampoline.


And on and on and on. He’s been to birthday parties, backyard luaus, street fairs, and May Day parties. He’s helped set up for tournaments and been treated like a real helper, not just a tag-along toddler. He’s walked in a Pride Parade with a teammate dressed as a taco. He goes for coffee with former league members.

When I joined Worcester Roller Derby, I had hoped that *I* would make new friends, that *I* would have memories and relationships that I treasured. I didn’t expect that my son would also be wrapped up in all this love, but, boy, am I glad he is.

So, Happy Galentine’s Day from the luckiest toddler in the world and his incredibly grateful mom.

<3 kat smash + atticus wrecks

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