Yearly Archives: 2016

A Public Service Announcement from Kat Smashley

Hey fam, this isn’t derby-related in the slightest but please don’t let that keep you from reading!! Recently, I had a mole removed on my back that my partner had been bugging me to get checked for the last five years. It grew substantially this fall, so I finally made an appointment with my dermatologist. It turned […]

And the winner is…

 I recently hosted a Gingerbread House Party and decided this was the perfect venue to announce the results. So, without further ado, let’s meet the 2016 Gingerbread House Honorable Mentions! Starting things off is the Formidable Farmhouse by Silver Slayer! Not only did she and her husband bake their own gingerbread from scratch, they also […]

It’s Okay to be Confident

I like to think I’m a funny person. I’m not sure if I actually am, but I always find myself laughing at my own jokes, and I’m sure that means something. The trouble is (besides the fact that I’m often the ONLY one laughing at my jokes) is that my humor is usually of the […]