Things I’ve Learned At Roller Derby

The following is a short list of things I’ve learned at roller derby thus far. Enjoy. Exercise makes you feel good. It makes you feel powerful and mighty and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Sometimes I’m tired and worn out and I don’t want to go to practice but then I […]



Roller Derby? Yes Please!

I just finished reading Amy Poehler’s book “Yes Please,” and I highly recommend it to any and all, but especially those of you who are thinking maybe you want to play derby but are concerned you’re too big, too small, too uncoordinated, too inexperienced, etc, etc, etc. Amy says you should do it anyway. Okay, […]

Diaries of a Fresh Meat – The Beginning 2

Like a lot of us, my introduction to roller derby was the film “Whip It!” After watching my favorite actresses slam each other into the ground, exchange punches on the track, and engage in wholly unsanitary food fights, I was sold. “Roller Derby” I penciled carefully onto my bucket list, right below “get arrested for […]


Worcester Roller Derby goes to May Day Hey Day!

Our Table came together nicely!     Thrillinois being brave and rocking her skates!     Had some live music and cool art.     Thrills checking out the WoRD swag.     Snagged Sam in a pic (she was also brave enough to skate up!) Got Thrills, Megz, and Harlot cheesing too!     […]