Sco’ Kid!

If you’ve run into my son over the past two weeks, he’s most likely said these words to you: “Sco’ kid! Sco’ kid!” In traditional English, this translates to “scold kid, scold kid” and it’s Atticus’ way of reminding everyone of the time (three weeks ago) that I scolded a random kid at the library. I […]


How Far We’ve Come

WoRD’s latest class of Fresh Meat just started their practices, and they are doing great! They come with all levels of skating experience from never-skated-before to could-skate-before-I-could-walk and it’s awesome watching them get a feel for derby. What’s equally awesome, though, is realizing how far my own fresh meat class has come since we started […]


Fear of Commitment 1

In life, I do not have a fear of commitment. I commit so fast, it’ll make your head spin. I made my partner marry me before he could even drink legally. I say “made” because I was definitely the driving force behind getting married, although it’s been five years now (and one child) and he […]