Fear of Commitment

In life, I do not have a fear of commitment. I commit so fast, it’ll make your head spin. I made my partner marry me before he could even drink legally. I say “made” because I was definitely the driving force behind getting married, although it’s been five years now (and one child) and he […]



An Open Letter to the Man Who Hit on Me at the Worcester Pride Parade

This Saturday, the Worcester Roller Derby league skated in the Worcester Pride Parade. We had an amazing time and were so glad to be a part of this annual event. Some of us even got to hitch a ride in a horse-drawn wagon on the way back to our cars afterward! It was a really […]

Cliques: A Walk Down Memory Lane

When I was in high school, I belonged to a few cliques. In ninth grade, I hung with the smart, awkward kids. These were the kind of kids that parents loved. We made honor roll, we got together to study and actually studied, and we had lots of G-rated fun. They were a blast. By […]



An Apology to Competitive Cheerleaders

I recently watched a documentary on competitive cheerleading (which I won’t link you to because it actually was really terrible) that got me thinking. I have a love-hate relationship with cheerleading. The logical part of me thinks it’s amazing, those physical feats are awesome! That part of me says it’s totally a sport and it’s […]